Veal Picatta with whole grain rice and artichoke

Tax day, the checks have been mailed (at 4:50pm in the general box at the East Hampton Post office, the line was out the door). After my trip to Gay Lane I headed to the golf course for a round in the perfect light of an East End spring evening. As I stepped off the 3rd tee and looked back toward the clubhouse I watched an osprey hunting over the second cut on the 16th fairway. It’s wings backing up holding the big bird in place as it eyed the movement of a rodent below.

After putting on the 13th green, ocean side, I dropped my putter near the flag and took a moment to step up on the dune and admire the perfect blue of todays’ ocean. The tide was out and the waves rolled in gently, touching the dog tracks that ran from Wyborg to the Jetty. This was my moment to relate thanks to my higher power, I’m lucky to be alive today.For dinner I started with 1 cup of Lundberg Countrywild whole grain brown rice in 2 cups of water, then added 1 tablespoon of butter, 1 teaspoon of fresh picked thyme and ½ cup of mixed/dried mushrooms, cover tightly. Simmer over low heat for 45 minutes, turn off the flame and let sit until service.

As the rice cooked I started an artichoke, having trimmed the stem and removed the tips of the leaves I swirled a drizzle of EVO over the top and dusted it with garlic salt. Placed in a small sauce pan the artichoke is steamed in an inch of water for about 30 minutes.

The main course was Veal Picatta, very easy to make in the remaining 25 minutes. Start by placing the veal cutlets on a cutting board and pound them thin (but not like paper) then transfer them to a plate that’s been covered with all purpose flour and a table spoon of kosher salt. Lightly coat the cutlets with the flour and transfer them to a hot flat skillet with a pool of melted butter, when the cutllets begin to brown flip them and add a bit more butter, season with salt and white pepper.

Right when they are ready (about 5 minutes in all), squeeze ½ a lemon over the top and plate with the rice.

Ingredients for Veal Picatta:

1 cup whole grain rice
½ stick of unsalted butter
½ cup dried mixed mushrooms
1 teaspoon thyme
1 artichoke (cut it in half w/ a serrated knife before steaming if serving for 2)
2 tablespoons EVO
1 teaspoon garlic salt
¾ pound veal cutlet (6 pieces for 2)
1 cup all purpose flour

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