The Lauren Bacall Special

I was driving home from a farm in Sullivan County, New York this morning when I heard the sad news of Lauren Bacall’s passing.  My old pal Peter Stone was close with Lauren.  For years, they would have summer lunches together at Estia’s in Amagansett._board

She was kind, soft-spoken and sharp as a tack.  We had lots of conversations about her house on Further Lane.  She said it was a dark day when she sold it and often wished that had never happened.  Peter was a playwright and screenwriter who had worked with Lauren in the 60s and 70s.  Since then, they had long lunches full of laughter.
My best memory of Lauren Bacall comes from her taste for the perfect BLT.  Once she learned that I had a garden, she got into the habit of asking me if the tomatoes were ready as soon as she arrived at the restaurant.  The order that followed was always the same:  BLT on lightly toasted white bread with just a touch of mayo.
Today at both restaurants, the Bacall Special will follow her request.

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