Shepherds Pie

The swans have settled in completely, May 1, 2007 And she spends hours on the nest, photo session at 7:30 pm, just after the magic light had faded. The lady kept her head under wing until I reached the 20 feet zone. As she looked at me the mark was set, doubtful I’ll ever get any closer while she tends the eggs.
The menu on Race lane continues to progress, now we remove the Lamb shank and replace it with Broiled pork chops (porterhouse) Over shiitake and sweet corn hash. Last nights family meal made use of the Shanks.

Ingredients for Shepherds pie

4 braised lamb shanks
2 cups lamb stock finished with red wine and roux
1 quart frozen sweet peas
1 cup mirpoix
10 90 count potatoes, boiled and riced, finish w/ salt, butter and milk

Preparing for the season includes setting beds for basil & parsley. Today The Lodge gained a pesto bed fabricated from a discarded cabinet. The soil, a mix of hummus and stones that once resided in the patio area made a perfect base for top soil that I’ll set on top tomorrow.

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