Pan Roasted Monkfish with Orzo, spring vegetable & pan gravy

The Lodge sold out of Monkfish last night, Saturday is fish night. Sunday no monk sold, stuck holding 10 lbs. The dish was to be sold as local Montauk Monkfish, pea pods from East Hampton, yellow wax beans from Sag Harbor, garlic & basil from our garden. The garlic buds were tossed with all else in the pan and they held shape, curly and bright green. The staff was thin this evening, 2 waiters, one hit. No specials sold.

At the Little Kitchen garlic buds are reaching for the sky, the base of each plant almost as thick as my “pinky finger”. Behind The Lodge my plants are smaller and more plentiful. This recipe represents the seasons’ first garlic bulb harvest.
Monkfish is thick, it takes a long time to cook. Use a hot oven and don’t pull it off the flame until it caramelizes on both sides. Prior to putting it in the oven hit the pan with a shot of white wine, if the liquid has been cooked off when you pull the fish from the oven, chances are the fish is cooked through. Place the fillets on vegetables and then hit the pan w/ a shot of chicken stock and a good pinch of herb, a pat of butter, reduce and top each piece of fish with a spoon full of “pan gravy”.

The Little Kitchen continues to rock with Raul and Julia in charge. Today our team Served 205 people for breakfast and lunch, 45 for dinner, the temperature outside was 75 degrees and every moment was full. Cool days and clear skies make every moment a little easier.

Ingredients for Pan Roasted Monkfish with Orzo, spring veg. & pan gravy:

Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, salt it and then add 1 bag of Orzo, after 5 minutes strain and add good oil, lay out on a sheet pan and refrigerate.

2 cups pea pods
2 cups yellow wax beans
3 slices spring garlic
1 tablespoon butter
6 young leeks, split stem to stern
4 garlic buds
2 cups of blanched orzo
¼ cup sliced basil leaves
½ cup chicken stock
salt & pepper to taste

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