Mi Casa Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

Mi Casa Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

Christmas eve dinner @ Mi Casa was fantastic. The bar area was quiet when we arrived @ 7:00pm. Entering through the gift shop/ tequila emporium is something to behold. Settling in at the table, we realized that this is a serious restaurant with food and service in mind. Every dish was spectacular, real food, handmade, locally grown. When the band stopped at our table to entertain us and the room, they stayed just long enough to make our Mi Casa experience special.

On ordering we explained that it was our intention to make the church on time for Christmas eve service. The church is 1/2 a block away. Every minute for the next hour was perfect. The soup “De Tia” (chicken stock and vegetables) may well have been prepared by someones favorite aunt, a splendidly simple chicken soup.
Quesadillas were extraordinary. The combination of handmade corn tortilla, Mexican cheese and mild chorizo was perfect. We also started with
a salad of local greens, corn and grilled vegetables, finished with thinly sliced crisp corn tortillas in a pineapple, jalapeno and cilantro dressing. Our table was quiet, the children praised every bite.

Entrees were splendid, too. An achiote rubbed chicken breast served with rice, beans and guacamole sounded routine….perfectly turned out. The chili relleno, in sweet corn cream and pomegranate garnish was extraordinary. Jessica’s tortilla soup had a touch of spice and all the sweetness of the locally made crema.

Just as we finished, the wait staff cleared, delivered strong coffee and a check leaving plenty of time for our family to make the Christmas eve ceremony. As we left, the crowd flowed through the bar and out the door. All 6 of Mi Casa’s dinning rooms had filled, and the staff still had time to wish us well and enjoy or holiday visit.

It was an experience my children will never forget. The flavors of our first night in Mexico balanced by song and prayer with a community of loving souls.

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