McGregor’s savory fall garden pie

Recipe by chef Colin Ambrose

1  3lb rabbit braised with leeks, carrots, and 3 jalapeño chilis in 1 quart chicken stock, 2 cups white wine, salt & pepper. Braise at 350 for 2 hours. Braise a day in advance and store overnight in the braising stock. The following day, drain the stock in a strainer and reduce over medium flame. Clean the meat completely off the rabbit and mince the meat to a rough chop.

4 leeks, cleaned and chopped fine
1 celery root, chopped fine
2 cups kale, chopped fine

Combine the vegetables with 1/4 lb of butter in a braising pan with 1 cup white wine & 1 cup chicken stock, on 350 Degrees for 1 hour.

Make mashed potatoes with 4 baking potatoes, 4 tablespoons butter, 1/4 milk, 2 cups thinning (small carrots, blanched ahead) salt & pepper.

1 hour prior to service combine the rabbit meat and drained vegetables in a sauce pan. Add 2 cups of reduced stock and heat through , fill a casserole 3/4 with the meat and vegetable combination, then top with the mashed potato carrot topping.

Place in oven for 40 minutes or until potatoes brown.


Chef Colin Ambrose
Photo Credits: Lindsay Morris

Recipe created for  Colin Ambrose’s From Seed To Plate Series 1: The Carrot – Watch the video on this series!

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