La Fonda Restaurant in Cabo San Lucas

‘This little place is made with a lot of heart—a real Mexican kitchen.” That’s what it says on top of the menu and it’s true.

Outstanding “Mole de la Casa” for anyone who wonders how it should be served in the authentic approach. They offer it with chicken or pork. We chose chicken, a succulent breast off the bone smothered with a black, very complex sauce, dusted with sesame seeds. Another choice featured perfectly braised pork in a “Pipan Verde Mole”, a heady pumpkin seed enhanced sauce.

We learned an important rule as it relates to dining at La Fonda. Choose either a variety of starters to share (empanaditas, queso fondido, tostadas & tacos) or the substantial entrees, we did both and it was overwhelming. The main plates are huge.

Everything is fresh and made with care. Service is spot on and the father and son who stroll from table to table singing with guitar in hand make
La Fonda splendid.

This is a neighborhood restaurant that sets a high bar, the menu is huge and needs to be navigated carefully.

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