Extra Healthy Salmon Burger

For years, we have made salmon wraps with the trim from whole fish. As we prep the filets for our dinner menu, there is always some trim left over from the belly and around the head. Now we have two uses for that extra protein.

To make this yourself, you can start by cutting all of the trim pieces (or left-over filet) into small cubes. Then, mix the cubes in a bowl with precooked (and brought to room temperature) quinoa, Sofrito, parsley and seasoning salt.

Mold the mixture into the size of your favorite burger and place it on a flat grill (or in a cast-iron skillet) over high heat. Cook to your liking (it takes three minutes per side for a salmon burger to be cooked medium). Serve with a sliced kale salad tossed with feta, blueberries, quinoa and red wine vinaigrette. Sweet potato fries are fun to add, too.



– 1/2-pound salmon
– 1-cup red quinoa, precooked and set at room temperature
– 3-Tbs Sofrito (finely diced red pepper, red onion, jalapeño, garlic, salt and olive oil)
– 1-tsp seasoning salt (ground white pepper, ground cumin seed, kosher salt)

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