Colin Ambrose’s From Seed To Plate Series 1: The Carrot

Colin Ambrose hosted his first in a series of root tastings at Estia’s Little Kitchen. Invited to participate were local farmers and chefs. In this video, participants share their knowledge about growing and preparing carrots.

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  1. Who is more committed to Seed to Plate than Colin Ambrose? No one. Colin has been working the soil and stove for as long as I have known him and that is longer than either one of us care to admit. The best thing that I can say about my friend Colin Ambrose is that he is a terrific chef who (lucky of us) emphasizes breakfast cookery. His evening work is too often overlooked because of the attention breakfast and lunch rightly receive. The words “stale”, “old” and “commercial” simply don’t exit in his vegetable vocabulary.

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