Linguini and Tomato with Sweet Sausage and Shiitake

This spring shows signs of new growth already, the garlic sprouts in my kitchen garden have been up for some time, with cold weather and North Easter storms in the norm those shoots are slow to develop. As I walked a golf course on the edge of the Atlantic this morning a swans nest caught my eye. Male and female moved about nervously keeping an eye on the mound that they had just built. As the season comes into focus, recipes will evolve with each new harvest. I’ll keep my recipes in order as they come to me. With the days progression photos will keep track of the season with an eye on the garlic and the signets. Read More »

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Colin’s Kitchen Chronicles

The kitchen is a comfort zone that I find myself in daily, regardless of the place or time. For example, last night I visited the home of a neighbor— the house is historic— on a bluff over looking the ocean. The guests were all attractive and interesting people to be with.

I went to the kitchen as soon as the introductions were completed. It’s a truly spectacular wing of the house with large cabinets fronted in glass, filled with plates and glasses of every shape, color and size dating back to a time when this house may have been built (early 20th century). The house has at least 8 bedrooms by my count. As I walked through the pantry/ staging room it brought images of ocean front parties for 20 or 30 people with five and six course dinners to the front of my imagination. The chef was busy and paid little attention to my interest, a staff of four stood to his side preparing sushi rolls and wonton’s for passing on the patio outside. I continued to paint the picture in my minds eye of the meal that I would like to orchestrate in this room with the talented people who surrounded me. Those brief moments will be my favorite memory of a night that may otherwise have been a fog of quick conversation and little more. Read More »

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Bone Sucking Pulled Pork

In the early days of my Estia Amagansett reincarnation to Mexican “Cantina” cooking I developed this recipe to fill the need for an authentic taco. Having just spent a day in the kitchen at Gerry Hayden’s Amuse, on 18th street in Manhattan’s Chelsea, I had seen a similar preparation for his menu. This Version has removed a call for garlic cloves, jalapeños and tomato paste and replaced them with two of Le Gourmet Chef’s staples, Bone Sucking sauce (thicker style) and Chef Tom Douglas’s “steak rub” from his Rub With Love line. Read More »

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