Bolero Carrot Gyoza

Recipe by chef Chris Polidoro, farmed by Scott Chaskey

1 lb. carrots, washed and sliced
1 shallot, sliced
2 pinches salt
3 Tbsp. olive oil
1/4 cup water
1/2 lb. savoy cabbage, blanched, well drained, and chopped
1 tsp. fresh ginger, grated
1 package Nasoya round wonton wrappers
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Nick & Toni’s Heirloom Carrots with Harissa

Recipe by chef Joseph Realmuto, Jeff Negron and Bryan Futerman

2 lbs. heirloom carrots, trimmed and washed thoroughly, cut into large chunks on the bias
1 28-oz. can of whole peeled tomatoes, drained of their juice and rough chopped
2 to 3 Tbsp. Harissa, depending on your heat preferences (It’s hot stuff. You can always add more to your taste.)
1 large shallot, thinly sliced
5 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
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McGregor’s savory fall garden pie

Recipe by chef Colin Ambrose

1  3lb rabbit braised with leeks, carrots, and 3 jalapeño chilis in 1 quart chicken stock, 2 cups white wine, salt & pepper. Braise at 350 for 2 hours. Braise a day in advance and store overnight in the braising stock. The following day, drain the stock in a strainer and reduce over medium flame. Clean the meat completely off the rabbit and mince the meat to a rough chop.

4 leeks, cleaned and chopped fine
1 celery root, chopped fine
2 cups kale, chopped fine Read More »

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Acme Breakfast: makes 4 servings

1 cup cooked quinoa
1 cup cooked brown rice
½ cup onion, finely diced
½ cup Andouille sausage, chopped
¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped
salt & pepper to taste
3 tablespoons vegetable oil

8 eggs (poached or cooked to your liking)

4 cups fresh spinach leaves, chopped
2 tablespoons butter Read More »

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Chili Chicken Omelet: makes 4 servings

1 cup roasted chicken, shredded white meat
¼ cup Guajillo chili sauce (simmer dried chili, onion and tomato in water for an hour in equal parts, remove from heat and cool. Puree in blender, strain and hold cold).

Combine the chicken and the sauce in a pan, warm over medium heat.

8 eggs
1 cup shredded jack cheese
1 cup chopped spinach Read More »

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Veggie Split Pea Soup: makes 8 bowls

1 quart split peas, dried green or yellow
1 quart mirepoix, finely diced onion, celery & carrot
1 quart water
1cup of white wine (optional)
¼ cup vegetable oil
salt & pepper & ground cumin to taste
2 cups shredded spinach
¼ cup garlic puree Read More »

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Chicken Bolognese

We had a regular visitor at Estia in Amagansett during the summer of 1996. A cookbook author named Anna Teresa Callen, she was born in the Italian Mountains. In the Abruzzo region where she lived, hearty pastas are the choice for most of the year.  Anna was the most enthusiastic and animated guest at my tables. She appreciated our pastas. I quickly learned that this was more than a little Italian lady visiting my cafe and persuading her friends to come, too. Anna was “The Pasta Lady” for many. She knew a good deal more about cooking and, more specifically, Italian food than I did. She was an acclaimed cookbook author (Anna Teresa Callen’s Menus for Pasta) and a cooking teacher. Read More »

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JoJo Cakes

In October, I traveled to Northern Wisconsin with my old buddy Simbo. We fished the Manistique River that is on Michigan’s upper peninsula. We were fishing for steelhead and we got skunked. It was the first of a series of fishing trips intended to follow the Hemingway path, casting in the shadow of big Ernest. On our way home, we stopped for breakfast at a spot in Lena called JoJo’s. The town is perfectly positioned as we head back to the Green Bay airport from my Mom’s cabin in the North Woods. Read More »

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Holiday Quiche from a Catamaran’s Galley

Yesterday was our first day on the “rafts”… floating vacation homes comprised of two 42-foot Catamarans. We are currently on Nonsuch Bay off the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. It is a two-family outing. The Briggs family from Sag Harbor has three daughters the same ages as ours: 22, 19 and 16 years-old. There are ten passengers in all with the kids on one boat and the parents on the other.

This dish was created in an effort to provide an easy breakfast for all of us, served warm for the early risers but also accessible for those who returned to the raft at 3 a.m. Sixteen-year-olds Madeline and Whittier prepared the crust yesterday. Read More »

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Christmas Breakfast: Truffle Scrambled Eggs with Shallot and Bacon Hash Browns.

My children are haunted with our tradition of adding truffled cheese to our scrambled eggs on Christmas morning. They start dreaming about this breakfast as soon as November brings the cool air. Finally, the day has come. We enjoyed a meal this morning that clearly sets the stage for next year. And this post will be available when the time comes for them to do it on their own. Read More »

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December Salad

Reading the descriptions in Johnnie’s seed catalogue helps you learn about what makes-up a mixture of micro greens (brassica, red and green mustard and other cold tolerant greens). You also can find out how to keep the micro green alive in the cold (under cover or in a greenhouse). But I’m here to tell you all that reading does you absolutely no good until you try it. So in the last days of September, I ordered two packs of each of the following:

Early wonder beets
Spicy micro mix
Wildfire lettuce mix
Micro red Russian kale
Emperor spinach
Carmel spinach Read More »

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Holiday Pear in Cranberry Relish

Consider this dish for one of your Holiday Dinners. It is easy to prepare in the morning and adds color to the dinner offering.

Pear & Cranberry Relish

3-cups cranberries
3 ripe pears diced
1 ripe pear thinly sliced
¼-cup brown sugar
1-tsp salt
¼-cup orange juice
¼-cup water
½ -cup diced carrots
¼ -cup diced onion
4-tbsp butter

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Butternut squash & pork sausage stuffed poussin

I ordered four baby chickens (poussin) for backup in case we had extra guests at Thanksgiving. Instead, the poussin came in handy two nights later when the Briggs family asked us to play paddle tennis. I stayed home to read my new book, Dan Barber’s The Third Plate. I also prepared dinner. This recipe made enough to serve eight with a roasting window of two hours. I roasted the birds on the rotisserie in our fireplace. They had a nice smoky finish. But it also would have been just fine to roast them in the oven at 325° F for 1 ½ to 2-hours. Read More »

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Clementine & Cinnamon honey hostess gifts

Thanksgiving Day is better every year as our girls get more mature. I have found that their interest in holiday hostess gifts has increased. We started with teacher gifts in years past. It was primarily my effort that planned and executed them. This year, I sent an email to the girls with a few examples. I ordered jars, clementines and honey from my suppliers. Within one hour on Thanksgiving Day, with all three of our girls in the room, holiday gift production started and finished.

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Extra Healthy Salmon Burger

For years, we have made salmon wraps with the trim from whole fish. As we prep the filets for our dinner menu, there is always some trim left over from the belly and around the head. Now we have two uses for that extra protein. Read More »

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A Dinner for a Leader: Supporting “The Trotter Project”

I grew up with Charlie Trotter, we both graduated from New Trier High School. Later we met again when I had the opportunity to cook with him at the James Beard House in New York. That was 1997 and from that day forward, we stayed connected. When Charlie passed away this November, it was devastating to the industry, not to mention his family and friends… and to me. Charlie was a leader. I was happy – and proud – to follow. Read More »

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Halibut Roasted in Parchment

My oldest child Lyman has a taste for fish. She likes it fresh and soft, cooked with a little more than a splash of wine and a pinch of salt most of the time. Tonight was a special dinner; Lyman just finished her summer internship in Manhattan. As the Jitney she was riding turned off the L.I.E. and headed for the Sunrise Highway, we traded text messages. I asked her what she wanted for dinner. She responded, “Should we do fish?” followed by, “Will you bring some of the lovely Rosé home, too?” Read More »

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Carnitas Americana

My mother lives in the north woods of Wisconsin. During the summer months, she loves visitors. She emailed me today to give me some news:

It’s another sunny day. The cabin is filling up across the lake. Grace and Stephen arrived at 7:00 and came to dinner. Read More »
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