20 Years with Niki Kobrick — Not a Hitch. Pure Flavor.

Coffee Talk with Lyman Ambrose

COFFEEtalk with Lyman Ambrose

“Custom coffee roaster” was all the chef/restaurant owner, Colin, had to hear from Niki Kobrick and he was hooked. In line with his customary approach to not only cooking but also serving and hosting, he finally found his coffee match.

Prioritizing the foundational principles when opening Estia, Amagansett, LaTouraine coffee was the first coffee provider that Colin worked with. Poured by the restaurant’s previous owner, the equipment was in place being one less thing the new owner had to implement.

Ready to step up his coffee game after 2 or so years, Colin partnered with Illycafe. The higher end brew seemed like the best choice but unfortunately the expense and importer’s style of service was less than perfect for him. Read More »

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