FRESH Hampton’s Carrot Fritters with a Yogurt/Herb Dipping Sauce

Recipe by chef Todd Jacobs

Carrots, grated
Maseca, corn starch
Pinch of baking powder
Salt and pepper and cayenne pepper
Fried in coconut oil and canola oil

Grate the carrots, season them, let them sit. Put 2 parts Maseca, half part corn starch, pinch of baking powder, mix it up and fry.


Fresh chef Todd Jacobs
Photo Credit : Barbara Lassen

Todd Jacobs: ” I have to say though that for something that I thought was a little odd when I agreed to participate, it was one of the most interesting events and conversations of the year. The diversity of textures and flavors that the chefs put out there with one ingredient as the theme was astonishing.  It was a brilliant idea and I really can’t wait to see what Colin comes up with next.”

This was a statement about Colin Ambrose’s From Seed To Plate Series 1: The Carrot – Watch the video on this series!


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