B.L.T. Burgers (with Striped Bass)

The Striped Bass special sold well last week.  Sales were strong enough to require Auggie, my sous chef at Estia’s American in Darien, to order extra bass.  In the end, we had three portions left.  That is not enough to post a special, but certainly enough to work with the title “Striped Bass.”  The B.L.T. burger incorporates all of the extra bass, flounder and shrimp.

B.L.T. BURGERS (makes six burgers)
1-lb striped bass, diced into small pieces by hand
2 flounder filets
½-lb  shrimp, chopped
½-cup egg white
1-tbsp sea salt
¼-cup mixed herb (chopped oregano, chives and parsley)

Place half of the chopped shrimp and all of the flounder in a food processor with the egg whites, sea salt and half of the mixed herb.  Run the processor until the mixture is smooth (about 1 minute).
In a bowl, combine the mixture with the diced striped bass and the remaining shrimp. Then, add the remaining mixed herb.  Mix thoroughly with a spoon.  Form the mixture into burger shapes.
To cook, bring a flat surface (large skillet or flat top grill) to heat over a medium flame.  Add some vegetable oil to the cooking surface and place the burgers on the heat.  Cook the burgers on the oil for 2-3 minutes each side (depending on thickness).
Serve on toasted gluten-free Thomas’ English Muffins with tartar sauce and lemon, shredded lettuce and tomato.


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