Estia’s in the Press:

03/08/2019 – Project MOST’s Empty Bowls Benefit Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary | Colin Ambrose receiving “2019 Empty Bowl Award”

03/06/2018 – Project MOST: Filling Bowls & Inspiring Kids All Year in East Hampton

WPPB 88.3 FM interview with Colin Ambrose by Bonnie Grice

02/17/2019 – Listen to an interview with Colin Ambrose on WPPB Sundays on the East End with Bridget LeRoy:

BELLA NYC magazine

01/04/2019 – Must Visit: Hamptons in the Winter

Express magazine | Big breakfast at Estia's Little Kitchen

11/19/2018 – Home: 12 Hours in Sag Harbor

10/31/2018 – Estia’s won the 2018 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best BRONZE Award for Best Breakfast Spot

2018 Food Lab Conference at Stony Brook Southampton

10/03/2018 – Interview by Biddle Duke with Colin Ambrose at the 2018 Food Lab Conference

Southampton Press | 27 EAST

09/27/2018 – Sag Harbor Women Open Communal Workspace

The East Hampton Star

09/27/2018 – Workspace by and for Women Opens Doors in Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor Express online

09/26/2018 – Women Get Pop-Up Office Space of their Own in Sag Harbor

The Independent publication | everything east end

09/11/2018 – Colin Ambrose: Food, Connections, And Fish

Edible East End Publication

08/20/2018 – The 4th Annual Food Lab Conference Will Return to Southampton This September

Pure Wow online publication

08/16/2018 – The Best under-the-radar Restaurants in the Hamptons

Southampton Press | 27 EAST

08/13/2018 – Colin Ambrose goes on the road with American Rivers Tour

Fashion Week Daily

07/25/2018 – Jessie Randall’s Top 12 Picks for Where to Go and What to Do In the Hamptons

The Sag Harbor Express
07/03/2018 – One Pot, Lots of Flavor at Estia’s Little Kitchen

Guest of Guest Hamptons news
06/29/2018 – The Absolute Best Brunch Spots In The Hamptons

Estia's voted GOLD for Best breakfast spot | Dan's Papers

11/10/2017 – Estia’s won the 2017 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best GOLD Award for Best Breakfast Spot

The Press News Group EXTRA | Interview with Colin Ambrose

10/05/2017 – Food & Farm: A Bond Born in the Dirt

Edible East End

09/14/2017 – Cooking Up Great Food for a New Old Cinema in Sag Harbor

09/13/2017 – Turnpike Block Party Raises $50K for Cinema Project

09/12/2017 – Old Kids on the Block Raise Money for Sag Cinema

09/05/2017 – Art Community To Rally for Cinema at Turnpike Block Party

06/21/2017 – The Man Behind a Little Kitchen

Edible East End

06/12/2017 – 5 Places You Need to Eat Pancakes in the Hamptons

Edible East End

05/14/2017 – 5 Places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo on the East End

04/05/2017 – 10 Underrated East Coast Getaways

12/27/2016 – Turning Food Waste into Food Wants

Dan's Papers Best of the Best Silver Award for 2016

10/21/2016 – Estia’s won the 2016 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best Silver Award for Best Breakfast Spot

10/13/2016 – Last Bite: Robbie’s Gringo Hash at Estia’s Little Kitchen

Edible East End

10/06/2016 – 6 Places to eat during the International Film Festival

 09/15/2016 – East End Eats: Little Kitchen, Big Flavors | An atmosphere of jollity and camaraderie

August 2016 – 10 Spots To Brunch In The Hamptons This Weekend

Edible East End
05/30/2016 – The Food Lab Conference Returns to Southampton

The Press News Group EXTRA | Interview with Colin Ambrose

05/05/2016 – EXTRA – Garden & Landscaping – Interview with Colin Ambrose


04/17/2016 – Dan’s Taste of the Summer countdown – Chef/owner Colin Ambrose


04/10/2016 – Valery Suter at Estia’s Little Kitchen

Hamptons Beachouse
02/23/2016 – Chef’s Tales #5: East by Northeast

02/18/2016 – Three Restaurants Honored with Snail of Approval

02/16/2016 – Snail of Approval Award

11/07/2015 –  Chef’s Tales #4: Sunsets & Vine

Dan's Papers 2015 Award for Best of the Best breakfast spot

10/29/2015 – Estia’s won the 2015 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best Silver Award for Best Breakfast Spot

08/20/2015 – Letter to the Editor | Estia’s 25th Anniversary

08/08/2015Ellen Watson: Finding Freedom Through the Lens

07/24/2015 – Chef’s Tales #3 | That Bar on the Corner, by Colin Ambrose

06/24/2015 – A Conversation with Colin Ambrose

04/25/2015 – Chef’s Tales #2 | We Have A Keeper, by Colin Ambrose

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.54.06 AM
04/14/2015 – A Lot of Activity: Barbara Thomas Exhibit

03/24/2015 – A Casual Venue for Contemporary Art

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 12.32.04 PM
03/20/2015 – Watch: Sag Harbor Chef Debuts First Video in Documentary Series

03/12/2015 – Chef’s Tales #1 | Cooking-Up an Icon, by Colin Ambrose

12/13/2014 – The Holiday Book: Five Holiday Bites, by Colin Ambrose

11/26/2014 – Crazy About Carrots: 5 Chefs, 5 Farmers, Many Carrots

11/25/2014 – Carrot Tasting Goes to the Root of the Vegetable


11/21/2014 – What Bunnies—and People—Love to Love


11/18/2014 – They Care About Carrots

Dan's Papers Best of the Best Breakfast Spot - Estia's 2014

11/05/2014 – Estia’s won the 2014 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best Silver Award for Best Breakfast Spot


09/08/2014 – Going to Sag Harbor? 7 Dishes You Don’t Want To Miss


08/11/2014 – 9 Dishes You Have to Try Before the Season Ends


08/05/2014 – Welcome to the Hamptons: A Newcomer’s Eating Guide


08/04/2014 – NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Sag Harbor Social Media Guru Danielle Gingerich


06/20/2014 – Where to Find the Best Weekend Breakfast Menus

Haute Living Article | Estia's Best Brunch in the Hamptons

06/11/2014 – The Best of the Hamptons: Best Brunch


12/07/2013 – Hamptons Restaurant Review: Estia’s Little Kitchen

Dan's Best of the Best Gold award for Estia's Little Kitchen

11/07/2013 – Estia’s won the 2013 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best GOLD Award for Best Breakfast Spot


09/17/2013 – The Art of Estia’s


09/11/2013 – Twenty Years of Painting for Their Supper

WPPB 88.3 FM interview with Colin Ambrose by Bonnie Grice

2012 – WPPB 88.3FM | Podcast: This Song is You | with guest Colin Ambrose

Edible East End

11/03/2012 – The Storm-Mitigating Self-Sufficiency of Restaurants with Gardens

Dan's Papers Best of the Best Breakfast Spot - Gold for Estia's

10/19/2012 – Estia’s won the 2012 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best GOLD Award for Best Breakfast Spot

Dan's Papers Best of the Best GOLD winner of 2011 Esti'as Little Kitchen

10/23/2011 – Estia’s won the 2011 Dan’s Papers Best of the Best GOLD Award for Best Breakfast Spot

Dan's Best of the Best 2010

November 2010 – Estia’s Little Kitchen won the GOLD Awards from Dan’s Paper Best of the Best in the Breakfast Spot category

NEWSDAY Article | September 6, 2010

09/06/2010 – Estia’s Little Kitchen Restaurant Review

Edible East End

04/13/2010 – MELTING POT: The Little Kitchen