Carrot Tasting Goes to the Root of the Vegetable


Standing in his restaurant kitchen garden on the Sag Harbor-Bridgehampton Turnpike in September of 2013, restaurateur and chef Colin Ambrose crunched down a newly harvested carrot fresh from the soil. It looked great—bright orange, long and tapered—but the flavor wasn’t there. Mr. Ambrose, who has been at the forefront of the local, fresh food movement on the East End since his days at the helm of the original Estia in Amagansett in the 1990s, hatched a plan then and there to gather together local farmers, gardeners and chefs in a growing experiment aimed at identifying keys to successfully cultivating different carrot varieties.

And the results were delicious.
By Kathryn G. Menu for Sag Harbor Express | Read Original Article (more…)

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Estia’s Root Tasting


Estia’s Little Kitchen presented the first in a series of root tastings on November 12, 2014. Last summer, Colin Ambrose decided he wanted to explore the carrot with his friends, all chefs. Each chef and farmer provided a control and choice seed that was either raw or steamed. Chefs then presented the guests with a delicious dish that incorporated carrots into it. Guests learned about communications that take place between the chefs and farmers in order to meet supply and demand. (more…)

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They Care About Carrots


A “carrot-palooza” conceived by Colin Ambrose took place last week at Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor, where farmers and gardeners took their produce and chefs experimented with the outcome. Laura Donnelly


Colin Ambrose conceived of the event, a yearly root tasting, last summer

By Laura Donnelly |

Lights! Carrots! Action! It was Colin’s Carrot-Palooza at Estia’s Little Kitchen last week, as splashy a media event as you can expect for a Wednesday . . . in November . . . for a vegetable. There were local rock star chefs and their Daucus carotas, served raw, steamed, and in various dishes. The carrots, that is. (more…)

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New Art Exhibit


Featuring paintings and photographs of last summers vegetable & flower garden.

This summer John Torreano and Mansell Ambrose were commissioned to record the bounty of our kitchen garden.

Both of the artists series are the result of visits to our Little Kitchen garden this summer. John, a breakfast customer, stops by regularly. His home and Sag Harbor studio are right around the corner.

Mansell spent the summer orchestrating a flower garden in the raised bed that occupies the center piece of our kitchen garden. Johns paintings focus on the Sunburst Squash plants that exploded from a bed just to the east of Mansell’s flowers. (more…)

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Project Most


Project MOST is committed to East Hampton’s children and building on the strengths of our children with a range of academic support, enrichment activities, physical exercise, and positive social development everyday in the critical hours after school. The philosophy of Project MOST is to nurture the entire child and to teach the joy of learning for learning’s sake. (more…)

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Exciting new artist


Helen Robinson

Helen speaks about the Show:

The work in this show represents my interpretation of Sag Harbor and the Hamptons from an outsider’s perspective. After spending a morning in Sag Harbor alone, I found the town’s charm to be most inspiring. The farmers market, local shops, docked boats, the people, and even Estia’s Little Kitchen all embodied Sag Harbor to me.


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9 Dishes You Have to Try Before the Season Ends


Try all nine dishes on our food-centered summer bucket list before Labor Day.

Hamptons’ culinary scene seems to get better each year. This season, chefs are presenting creative dishes made with the freshest ingredients—some even cultivating their own gardens. With only a few weekends left to enjoy it all, here are our top food picks to try before the season ends.  (more…)

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Welcome to the Hamptons: A Newcomer’s Eating Guide


Here are some top spots that will make your first trip to the East End a memorable one.

This favorite of locals and summer visitors alike was opened by Chef Colin Ambrose in 1998 and has been attracting crowds ever since. The menu is influenced by Mexican flavors, with breakfast and brunch platters like the George’s Ranch (tortillas with eggs, avocado, black beans, cheese and salsa) and Fish Creek Huevos Rancheros (refritos, tomatillo salsa and queso fresco). Even better, the hefty portions won’t break the bank.


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NEW KDHamptons Lifestyle Diary: Sag Harbor Social Media Guru Danielle Gingerich


This week KDHamptons catches up with stunning Sag Harbor resident and Social Media Specialist, Danielle Gingerich, who is also the daughter of famed East End artist Jim Gingerich. Danielle shares, “I was born in NYC, but I have lived in the Hamptons since I was five years old. During the past four years, I attended NYU and graduated at the top of my class in June. I love the Hamptons lifestyle and the opportunity to spend so much time outdoors. It revitalizes me to swim in the ocean, walk on the beach, or kayak in the bay near my house. We live in a very special place.”

KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant, got a favorite dish & drink you get every time?
Danielle: My favorite restaurants are the ones that support our local farmers by offering farm-to-table or garden-to table fare. I love Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor. I always order the Potato Crusted Flounder, and the Macari “Early Wine Spritzer.”

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